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21 year old named Ani from Boston, Massachusetts ♡


Not mad.

Just disappointed.

dying inside from the jealousy i have for all the girls on my social media newsfeeds who are getting their bids and are pledging sororities

why didn’t i want to do this when i was an underclassmen, sucks that ill never get the chance to get the experience :(

mini rant

scroll past this if you want, I couldn’t care less.

Being a senior, and having “confrontational anxiety”, as I like to call it, I hate that I waited until now to be interested in greek life. I am 110% aware that it was a ballsy move on my part to even start the recruitment process, but even if I don’t get a bid at the end, this experience has already affected me and made me a stronger person. I was scared to tell my friends I wanted to do this earlier than this year because I knew they would judge me for wanting to take part in it.

I’m done caring about other people’s opinions. Obviously I am fully prepared to get that unfortunate news that I don’t receive a bid, but I want to be the one to break the social norm and be the major upperclassmen to pledge fall 2014.

I don’t think I am being unreasonable. I have considered both the best and worst case scenario and although it would fully suck to not get into one, I am not going into this experience naive.

but GOD how I pray every day that it is in God’s plan for me to be in one.. As cliche as it sounds, I do believe that what’s meant to be will be… So I am trying my best to put out the most positive thoughts and good energy that I can into the world.

I just hope that I am blessed enough to be graced with this amazing journey ahead of me and I know that it will help me in the journey of finding myself.

Forever keeping positive vibes xo

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